Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Years

A few shots from the St. Louis Zoo last weekend to celebrate the New Year.
Thank you to all the viewership for the patronage in 2010. Here is to another successful season on Kelly Miller in 2011 and also to all those that make the blog worth handling.


The Old Timer said...

Looks like a Siberian Tiger rolling in the snow. Keep the pix and videos coming in 2011. They are much appreciated.

cwdancinfool said...

Radar - Happy New Year. Looking forward to this seeing Kelly Miller Circus again this year - at least 4 times! Have a question on the pictures. I recognize the tigers, snow leopard and camel, but what is the other one?


Radar said...

The large animal is a Takin and the smaller animal a muntjac. Both are found in southeast Asia.

Steve said...

All the best to you and also to the Cainans for 2011.

Good to hear that you will be back on KM.

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