Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Carney Man's Musician

From songwriter and musical genius Mike McClure:

"A while back, Joe Hardy and I put together some music for my bud Casey Cainan's tiger show. Here they are in action to some fine jams. I love having that on my resume."

Earlier this winter we saw Mike perform a live acoustic show at Crossroads Bar in Denton, Texas. Here is a video I snagged of a song he played at my request. Alas, he declined our shout out to play 'Carney Man,' but did tell the crowd there was a real live carney man in the crowd! No one seemed to understand what he was talking about.

"I want a big red nose I want some floppy shoes
I want a squirty flower squirt it on you
Like all the bad clowns do
I want to juggle bowling pins in the sun
I want to join the circus, the circus looks like fun."
>> M. Mcclure

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