Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wow It is Hot...

Another video for everyone of pool time.
Babysitting tigers is one of my favorite parts of the day.
Until an unnamed clown's ducks escape and I have to chase them around for fifteen minutes... Glad the tiger compound is a bit more secure.

I am not sure if this will dispel or enhance the "poor Raja" comment from one Miss Crystal. You can see him sneak in the back while the others are not looking, until Shonti bumps him out. Sumsara subsequently bumps her out.
The social dynamics of this group of animals is fascinating. In the wild, tigers are solitary animals. By doing so, it is the best means of survival in their habitat, benefiting them for hunting and mating. However, their versatility to adapt to a group environment opposite their natural instincts is a true display of nature versus nurture. These animals are multiple generations captive-born and do not know solitary living nor having to fight for survival. The predator instincts never cease however. Raja displayed this during his returning walk from the lake a few days ago. He found himself submerged in grass twice his height and reminded everyone he was not one of those "bought it at the mall" tigers. Thinking that Casey and I could no longer see him, he nearly went into attack mode from his perceived camouflage position! Casey laughingly responded, "Ok Raja, that is enough returning to Asia for you."


Crystal said...

Aw. Poor Raja...still getting bumped.

Until he is big enough to bump all of them. LOL! Revenage is best served when you are undoubtedly going to win! =) *i may want to laugh evilly here*

Jack Ryan said...

Well, Radar, after watching that vid I immediately decided it was time to rush out the back door and jump in the water. It's a lucky thing I've got a pool there.

Delightful vids.


Steve said...

G'day guys,

Off topic I know, but a quick question to America's Own following the pics on Buckle's Blog today - have you had any problems so far this season with the overhang on the new tiger trailer?

Radar said...

Hi Steve. Do you mean the fifth wheel over the back of the truck? No problems at all, though the only weight it holds is my living quarters.

Steve said...

G'day Radar,

A bit of weight over the drive is a good thing.

I was asking about the overhang at the rear of the trailer.

Any problems turning into tight gates or scraping over curbs to get onto lots?

Over here we aren't allowed to have such long distances between the rear wheels and the rear of the trailer so I was wondering how it works for you guys.


Radar said...

Not too bad with the gates. The overhang is the same length away from the back wheels as the elephant trailer (a semi). We scrape once in a while (but don't tell Jimmy Hall please). One of the best parts of the trailer is the low height at the back. It only takes three people to load the rolling cages as opposed to six with the last hauler.

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