Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Word From Our Sponsor...

Our last day in New York has arrived before beginning our trek back west towards the big Chicago dates. We have been enjoying visits from many friends lately and ysterday I was able to throw down my entire weekly paycheck for several 1950s-60s circus cat trainer books. Included were another Beatty book, Alfred Court, Damoo Dhotre and Louis Roth biographies, Ballantine's book and a Russian wild animal trainer biography as well. My favorite - a signed copy of Untamed by Gunther Gebel Williams. My next additions will be arriving from Tim Tegge in the next month or two. Still looking for Ursula Bottcher's biography in English if anyone has a spare for sale... Much appreciated :)
A few pictures to share from Granville NY of tiger play. Three's a crowd!

Last, I would like to share a statement that Natalie wrote for a Facebook newspaper photo album during our shows in Norwich NY. You can see the other comments from anti-circus encouragers and the KM performers alike at the link from The Evening Sun

"I usually never dignify these people who say circus animals are mistreated but I have had about all I can take of being wrongly accused of mistreating animals.
Regarding the above comments...that's like saying if one parent mistreats their child, then all parents mistreats their kids. Simply not true. I chose to work with dogs because I have always been a dog lover. (I also chose to have children because I love kids.) My animals are treated with the best care I can possible give them. They are very healthy, well fed and watered with clean roomy traveling quarters and a huge, secure and constantly shaded exercise area. They have canine and human socialization, mental stimulation (training) via positive rewarding, regular vet visits, bathed regularly, groomed daily and I even brush their teeth. I do the best I can for them and give them the best I can afford. I chose them, they didn't choose me. Why would I abuse them since I work with them? That's would be like a mechanic running over his tools and destroying what he has to make a living.
I have been a Christian for 26 years in so doing I believe that man shall have dominion over all. (see Genesis 1:26). Having dominion does not give man the right to abuse and mistreat those over which he/she has dominion. It means that God has entrusted us with His creations. So, please know that I do not mistreat or abuse my animals and I am tired of being accused of such. You have no right to lump me in with whomever you saw on a documentary so long ago. (I would also like to remind you that video and photos can be spun to make something/someone look like something it isn't.)
When I go home to meet my Creator, the Counselor with not have to plead a case of animal mistreatment on my behalf.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. - Natalie Cainan"


Anonymous said...

Well said Natalie!!!
Bob Kitto
Please say Hi to Jim, John and Armando for me

Jack Ryan said...

Go get 'em, Nat!

I copied the link to my "May All Your Days..." Facebook page, suggesting that everybody read it.


Paul H. said...

Hi Radar: If you're still shopping for books, send your email address to: Will send you back our latest price lists.
If you find something you want, I can deliver when you're in the Chicago area and save you the shipping.
Love the tiger photos - stay cool everybody!

Show Biz Books & Ephemera

Anonymous said...

Very relevant and well said Mrs C.

crystal said...


Tejano said...

Hey Casey,

Have you read A Mudshow Season's latest entry?

Good words for you!


B.E.Trumble said...

Radar, always a pleasure to see you and Casey and Natalie, et al. KM arrows still gracing the poles and street signs on Meadow Street in Ithaca today, despite the heavy rains. I don't always say the nicest things about Chris Beckett, but he puts up an arrow that keeps going, and going...

Radar said...

Always a pleasure Ben! Thanks for the history lessons while you were here. Look foward to another visit.
As far as the arrows, it must have been a fluke. Or it was not real rain. Many days they are gone by the time we jump in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Radar said...

I don't follow. Can you please explain or be a bit more clear?

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