Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Battle of the Tigers

A heat wave stuck New York our first day reentering the state. Ten o clock am - 101 degrees in New York City. We pulled out the pools and let the cats decide for themselves who would enjoy the water first. When Raja figured out that no one was intimidated by his small stature, he attempted to share Shonti's pool by jumping on top of her. The tigers would all bash each other back and forth, running around and playing musical tubs. Shonti's favorite pooltime play is to "bite" the water as it comes out of the hose. It makes a huge mess but she has a great time.

I think I should be compensated by Rubbermaid for the free advertisements.


Kerri B. McMullen said...

In this heat, it is imperative to have a pool close by! But they need to learn how to share.

The Old Timer said...

I caught the excellent video on You Tube this morning. Your blog with the stills and comments proved to be frosting on the cake. Keep the goodies coming!

Crystal said...

Aw poor Raja! Hope everyone is staying cool in NY! Great pics Ry!

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Great pics. Glad somebody was able to get cool by the pool

Radar said...

Thank you both.
Poor Raja?! Do you not see him soaking wet in the last picture? lol. And later for most of the afternoon he had a pool all to himself. He and Shonti laid out in the water while the others all slept out in the shade. I snagged a picture of just his eyes, nose and ears above the water - his impression of a crocodile.

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