Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Been working on this wheel and roll over
It is coming along nice
I still need to speed up the outside and
Slow down the inside
It will come in time

I do practice things besides hind leg walks


Dick Flint said...

Casey, contrary to our conversation about the wheel when I visited, I AM a believer in your accomplishments! I like the sequence into the rollover and the situp.
And nice letter, Natalie.
Radar, you're doing a great job with the blog. In my mind, this blog over the last several years does the best job to show the care given to show animals day in and day out.
By the way, I don't believe Ursual Bottcher's book, "Kleine Frau, Barenstark" (Little Woman, Strong Bears) has been translated into English.
Dick Flint

Radar said...

Thanks for the compliment Dick. It means a lot. I work hard to show everyone the effort that goes into taking care of our animals and the humane training Casey practices with new tricks and "behavior modification," if you will.
I appreciate the information about Ms Bottcher's book. Perhaps I will have to find a copy in German and translate it myself. I think it would be worth the effort.

Lane Taburt said...

This video speaks volumes about the patience required to train these beautiful animals--and the trust that they have in their trainer. Hope to see more videos like this, Casey. Lane

Anonymous said...

Josip Marcan Said:

I want to correct Dick Flint's translation of "Kleine Frau, Barenstark". It means not "Little Woman, Strong Bears".

The correct translation is:
"Little Lady, Bear Strong" or "Little Lady, Strong Like Bear".

"Little Woman, STrong Bears" is translated in German, "Kleine Frau, Starke Baren".

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