Sunday, July 04, 2010

Swimmin on Independence...

While enjoying a relaxing two day stand for the holiday weekend in Dalton Massachusetts, Raja once again was able to release those primitive urges and the wild beast contained within. First he checks to make sure the coast is clear...

Then he scouts out his prey...

Then he realizes, "Damn it! I'm busted!" No worries there, little buddy. Those are just circus fans, paparazzi style. The fuzz have not caught wind of the situation yet.

Still a bit unsure of how deep to go...

He makes a quck getaway!

Does he make it? Stay tuned to find out. Though maybe his mugshot will tell a different story.

Someone teach this crazy cat the rules of Horseshoes!

After swimming in the pond for a bit, we made our way up the creek that fed the larger body of water. While attempting to scale the small cliff that divided our lot from the moving water, Casey grabbed my hand and inadvertently pulled me into the water as well (he did not take into account that his weight is possibly triple that of mine). The performers waiting to enter the tent for finale thought it was hilarious.

Raja, born into captivity in Oklahoma and not the wilds of Asia, does not realize that his natural coat designed for camouflage does not work aside trucks painted "circus red."

A Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. God Bless America, protect our troops, and savor our freedoms.


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Sorry Anonymous,
Can't run your comment. Everything you said was prolly true, but the vulgar name is unacceptable for the blog. Please run another comment, without the name.

cwdancinfool said...

Can't believe how big Raja has gotten. Looking forward to seeing him when you get to Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Well, Casey, my comments weren't intended for the blog - just to let you know that there are many who were appalled by that idiot's (is that better?) rude comment. Though, I suspect that since Buckles (who isn't slow to censor remarks)ran the slew of comments in your support, that he feels the same about that snide comment.
However, perhaps it isn't right to bring the crap over to your blog, since it has always had a friendly and gentlemanly tone.
Hope you're holding up to the heat. Is this brutal or what? I imagine it's pretty cozy under that vinyl top.
I do wish K-M would keep the route current on their site. You guys were minutes from my house last week and I didn't even know it.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks Anonymous (Pretty sure I know who now )

Yes it is warm enough today. Tent very warm. I don't sweat much of what is said on any of the blogs these days. Even the good stuff I shy away from, because it seems circus is purely a popularity contest with show bums and fans. Hardly anything is judged by its merits alone. To bad about missing the show. My email (If you don't have it already) is if you suspect we are a state away someday, email and I will let you know. I am not sure who updates the show route on show website.

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