Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Story Book

A few pictures from my cell phone with a story to tell...

Yesterday Casey gave me some time to visit the Columbus Zoo.
They have a fourteen month old calf Beco, along with his father, mother and full brother. They also have a second Asian female. Three African elephants are sharing a home there as well until the Cleveland exhibit is completed next spring.

The elephant staff was gracious enough to give me a tour of the facilites and "behind the scenes" as we shared many stories and had a great time. In return they came out to watch the Kelly Miller Circus, all stating it was the best show they have seen in the Columbus area this year.

This morning the tigers all enjoyed the first day of sun and grass they have had in a week or two... the sun had taken a vacation and left rain in its place. Grassy lots had been replaced with mud or asphalt lately as well.

The compound complete with arena and rolling cages all open, half the tiger troupe still decided they should sleep together in close quarters. Solitary animals, you know.

Until next time...

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