Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Casey

Tomorrow will mark my one year anniversary on the Kelly Miller Circus working for wild animal trainer Casey Cainan.
It has been a great experience and I have never had a single regret leaving my job to join the show. Casey has provided me with more opportunities than I ever could dream; nothing I could ever do would repay him for the time, effort, patience and education he has given me.
Here is a little something I put together of his progress in the last year. I am proud to say I work for one of the greatest tiger trainers that has had the privelege of working under the big top in the giant steel arena.
Thanks Casey.
Happy Birthday.


Natalie Cainan said...

That is the best birthday present Casey could get! Thanks for the video!! It awesome!!! Congratulations on a great job!

Anonymous said...


Your devotion shows in a form that words can't really express.

Indiana Jon

Bob Cline said...

Great job Radar!

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Very nice tribute, Radar.

Jack Ryan said...

Congratulations, Radar. You've done your year so you are no longer a
First of May.

Welcome to the Johnny Come Lately club!

Great job on the vid.

Steve said...

Geez I enjoyed that. Knock out pic at 1.24.

Thanks Radar. Congrats on your first year and happy birthday to Casey.

Dick Flint said...

Great presentation! Nice work from two talented and dedicated people. Congratulations on year one, Radar, with many more to come for you. And Casey, can't wait to see the act when you get east.
Dick Flint

shirley north said...

I can watch those tigers for ever: a great act which keeps getting better, it has the wow factor. What a great present Radar.

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