Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

Had my birthday
Was awesome!
Got some good presents
Had a great night going out with Steve, Nikki,
Carla, and my beautiful wife Natalie
Got a new Flip video camera from Steve, Radar, Jessi
Nikki and Carla
Which replaces the one that was broken last year by...
I don't want to his name so I will just say... S. Copeland
No No
Steve C. will be less revealing

Should have lots of new videos soon
Since I can carry this camera around in my pocket all the time

Took these yesterday

Been working on a wheel for a few days now
It should tighten up pretty easy

Also got the great Youtube video Radar made for me
Thanks Ears, glad you made the year
Here is to many more...

Had a great visit from my Sis-inlaw Jennifer
And all her children
They had a good time playing with Georgia and Tristan
Thank God we got the bigger trailer this year...haha

Also had a lot of Circus Fan members last few days
And some pretty good business
Although weather has not been the greatest
Hoping it will dry out and the sun will come out this week

"It's all about where you set the horizon
Said the great John Ford to the young man risin
You got to frame it just right and have a little luck of course
It helps to have a tall man ridin a horse"
P. Hood

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