Sunday, May 16, 2010


Had a great visit with Dick Kohlreiser yesterday
And lots of story telling at the BarBQ after the show
Always good to see Dick

Been working on a trick with Shonti and Raja
Going to do a "cover" with them
I will lay down and have the two of them lay over me
Hasn't been done in a while
Here are a couple pics of the first try with Shonti

If you want to feel small around an animal
Lay down on the ground while it is standing
Eventually I did get her to lay across me perpendicular
At first she just wanted to sit on me and try to eat my shoes

Also started working Raja into the lay down...

You can see him layying all the way to left
I am letting him have some space for now
Till he is more sure it is safe to lay down with the big girls

I have been reading a great book called "Ten Things You Can't Say
In America" by Larry Elder
It is mostly about Racism and the damage being done to blacks by
Affirmative Action
He has a great Personal Pledge in the book that I feel should be
Taught in school to everyone

Some of my favorite parts include
Rule 1. There is no excuse for lack of effort
3. While I may be unhappy with my circumstances, I have the power to change and improve my life.I refuse to be a victim
7. Ambition is the key to growth
9. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity
10. If suitible role models are not nearby, I will seek them out
15. The light is always green. You cannot go full speed with one foot on the brake
18. I will not seek immediate results, as I understand life is a journey not a destination
30. Life is difficult. I expect set backs and will learn from them. Struggle creates strength
31. Everyday is precious, and one without growth is squandered
32. There is only one me, and I'm it!!

A good book for sure


Susabelle said...

I'll have to look for that book. Sounds like something I could sink my teeth into. Thanks for the recommendation.

Crystal said...

Love the laying down trick and Raja with the girls is fantastic!!!

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