Friday, May 14, 2010

Indiana Road...

Had a wet week in IN. here
But a fun one just the same
Took Nat to the mall for Mothers Day
It has become a tradition
Rather then take a chance at getting her something useless
I just drive us to the mall on Mothers Day
She gets to pick her own gift for that holiday

A couple pics of the daughters that make Nat a great mother
Since these pics from last week
Georgia has lost her other front tooth
Cute as hell
Then we had a visit from Lauren and Hashi
My wonderful sister inlaw
And my nephew Tristan
We convinced Lauren to let Tristan stay with us a couple
Weeks while they are up in New England doing a few dates
He and Georgia are getting along great
It is nice for Georgia to have someone in the house to play with

Had a nice visit from Tabjara this week as well
The red show was sitting in Columbus to open on Thur
So he drove over to where we were in IN to visit on Tues.
He said it was only the second show besides Ringling
He had seen since being in the USA
Afterward we had a great BarBQ and told alot of stories

Had to run Steve down to the ER this week
He had a little accident coming out of the
Bandwagon before the show other day
He straddled the stairs and a piece of steel tube
Impaled him somewhere...
The "mommy daddy button"
In the "twig and berries"
Or the "meat and two bits"
He gave his under carriage an over haul
He damaged his wiz pipe
You get it
Don't ya??
He is fine, just had to get it checked out
I did do a pretty good job of keeping him stressed out
While we waited in the ER
Note: Last person you want to have with you at ER is someone
who has been there enough times to be comfortable there
and just happy he isnt there for his own well being

Steve is a real trouper though
Missed half the first show getting checked out
But made it back and slapped on his makeup for second show
Bruised Urethra and all...

Been listening to old Fred Eaglesmith alot these days
Especially the Indiana Road album
Methinks everyone should check it out

"I told him I would meet him on the Indiana Road
With a gun in my hand but he never showed
Guess he couldn't bring himself to sink himself that low
I told him I would meet him on the Indiana Road
With a gun in my hand but he never showed
He went back to Ottawa or Toronto or where ever it is they go"
F. Eaglesmith

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