Friday, March 26, 2010


The last few weeks have been enjoyable with visits from friends in eastern Texas.
Dan Gabert and family stopped by for a Sunday evening barbeque as we celebrated the birthday of Lucky Eddie. Casey, Steve and Ryan commenced the evening by skipping rocks, errr, Radar in the river.

A few days in Frisco Texas and nearby towns treated us with the presence of elephant handlers from Sedgwick Co Zoo in Wichita, the Dallas Zoo and a few circus roustabouts as well. Lochrann's Irish Pub enjoyed the extra business, no doubt.
One night, after continous snowfall throughout the afternoon and evening, brought an emergency tear down of the tent at 3am. Shows were cancelled the next day. The same week we would spend two more days sitting around until new lots could be found to replace the swamps previously designated for America's One Ring Wonder.

Many thanks to Gary Hill for the ringcurb bs sessions and the great advice he gave me as he stopped by to enjoy a show. This guy worked with and for many greats, including the legendary Charly Baumann. I took a few words of wisdom from his stories.
In the coming weeks we will be celebrating the birthdays of Georgia and Genevieve Cainan and mine as well. Presents are welcome!

Kids, don't try that at home. And don't submit to peer pressure from your "friends" either LOL

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Anonymous said...

Up north, we tell the kids "don't eat the yellow snow".

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