Sunday, March 28, 2010


Haven't blogged lately
Been very busy with lots of visitors
And new stuff with the cats
Radar's girlfriend Alicia got some pics of new stuff
From practice today

We are working on a 5 tiger hindleg walk
Three backwards and two forward...

That is the three going backwards
Everyone has already seen the two coming forward
Should be a good trick...

Shonti is rolling over with the other four cats in the show
She still blows sometimes outta the sit up
But she rolls into the other four just fine
Only a matter of time to get her calmed down for the sit up

Thats all I got for now
Gotta run Georgia in for her spot in the show
Radar and I plan to post at least twice a week
And I am thinking about getting a new Flip video recorder
So we can post clips of practice again
(a certain clown broke mine) towards the end of last season

"A man once said that the pinnacle of success, was when you finally lost interest, in money, compliments, and pubicity. A noble enough idea I suppose, how on earth he does it only heaven knows, I know I need a whole lot more of all three of those, before I ever turn up my nose, at any money, compliments, and publicity"

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