Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring Training

The crack of the bat... Baseball season has started.
The crack of the whip... The circus season has started!
Into the second month, Kelly Miller is rounding up the tour of South Texas and beginning to head north. After a full winter's hibernation, the tigers are back to work. Casey has been training several new tricks in the last few weeks and allowing me back in the arena to practice as well. An additional "Garden Wall" was added to the show tonight and a third is in the works. Shonti is walking backwards across the arena now, making five hind leg tigers out of five. Rajah has started seat training. After two days, two tigers waltz in sync on the ground (though the trick will never go in the show... boring!) Finally, Natalie is training her dog Otto to climb the ladder and several other tricks, and Casey is training me in the skills of Chess! I first learned to play from my grandfather several years ago. So far, Mr. Cainan has lost three games. Sucka!

Lastly, everyone's "Awww" moment for the day


Crystal said...

Yes Ry you got an "Aw" out of me =)

Jack Ryan said...

Greetings from London!

Hoping all the KM crowd is well and happy. Cold over here but having a great time.

Nat, I got you the London magnet.

Back home to Florida Tuesday.


Tejano said...

Well, you are out of the Valley and on your way. Cya next year! Have a fun, prosperous and safe 2010 season!

Jack Ryan said...

Casey and Radar,

Your last post was March 9.

Is the blog defunct? Hope not but please let your readers know.

All best,


GaryHill said...

Next visit I will plan on spending more time as I haven't had a good chess match in along time. It was a great past time at CW years ago, Jewell New and Trevor Bale had many long games and I played both as well.

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