Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Splish Splash...

Weather and crowds have been pretty great lately.
We entered Arkansas yesterday and pulled out the pools for the cats.
Raja was not too sure about all the commotion and excitement, declining to partake in the festivities.

Yesterday during practice, Ryan the clown came in and was quite impressed with the three hurdle Courbette. "Very strong" he said, "though I expect nothing less from 'Walker, Texas Ranger.'" He later asked Casey, "Are you not scared to wear that hat into the arena?" Casey responded, "No, why?" "You aren't afraid the cats will lose all respect for you?" We all had a chuckle... except Casey.

We all had a great time in Hugo, returning to the hometown Winter Quarters of the Kelly Miller Circus. A huge turnout of friends and fans on a beautiful day in Circus City. The barbeque was put on hiatus for a few days and replaced with restaraunt dining. Over half the show visited a Mexican food joint in Idabel, though no one was pleased when we were informed of their shortage (as in none) of beans and rice. I told Lucky the next day, "I know the program says we have elephants, tigers and clowns, but we are all out for the day. Sorry for any inconvenience." LOL


Crystal said...

Two posts in three days!!! =) Keep up the good work!!!

Jack Ryan said...

Wow. No beans and rice at a Mexican restaurant? I have never heard of such blasphemy.

Joey frisco said...

Nice tO see the cats out in play areas on down time!!! Good stuff Casey!!!

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