Thursday, January 07, 2010

Paint Me A Birmingham...

Master show painter Bob Rawls has been hard at work
Here in the paint shop
He is changing the logo on the trucks a little
So far I think it looks great
I really enjoy watching Bob paint
He seems to put in oil base whatever the person is picturing
Back when I had the sideshow
I got all my banners from Bob
I was always amazed at how I could explain to him what I wanted
And when I got the banner a few weeks later in the mail
It would be exactly what I was picturing in my head
Scary almost
He is a couple different days progress on the concession truck

By no means finished
But coming along quite fast I will add

He is taking Saturday off this week which gives us
A chance to spray another tractor in the paint shop
Till then Radar, Danny, and I have been prepping another
And working on the production props
Running out of time
But it always feels that way

"Well I wish I was in Austin, at the Chili Parlor Bar
Drinkin Mad dog margaritas, not carin where you are"
G. Clark


Anonymous said...

Bob is one of the best painters there is...there is nothing like a great paint job. I get sick of seeing that "air-brushed" look...It is a lost art to be a real show painter...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Looking great.
Bill Gowan
PS Beth says hello!

Anonymous said...

Met Bobby back in 200? in Hugo and was amazed at the art that exudes from his hands.
Bob Kitto

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