Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year...Everybody...

I feel confident this is gonna be a great year
2009 was one of my greatest yet!
Had a beautiful daughter born
That was the highlight
But there were a lot more ups then downs this year for sure
Alot more rain then sun
Ain't keeping me down
I think it is easy for us today to forget how
Lucky we really are sometimes
I know I do from time to time
And then it will just hit me and I will say to myself
"Self, quit bitching, your life is going great"
This time of year is when it seems easiest to look at our lives
From the perspective of things we need to change
But take a second and think about the things that are good as well
I know I have been
My resolution is to go to church as often as I can
Batting a perfect game on that since Nov.
Gonna keep it there till Feb
I have never been one to try to push my beliefs on others
But I may try to have a Bible study class on the show this year

It's ok....

Here are two of the trucks Danny, Radar and I have painted
Repainted bumpers and everything
I think they are looking good
Mr. Bob Rawls is coming in to letter some trailers this week
Should have some great looking rolling stock on KM this year

"Talkin tough is easy when it's other peoples evil. and you're judgin what they do or don't believe. Seems to me you'd have to have a hole in your own to point a finger at somebody else's sheet".
M. Cooley


Steve said...

Hey Casey - is that an unusual shade of red or is it just being in the building that makes it look a bit different?

How many show owned trucks does KM move on?

How many get resprayed and relettered each year?

The circus sure is different in the US to what it is in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I think the lighting is making them look odd. The color is called "poppy red" it is a Chrysler color. As far as how many trucks. I think last year it was 17 or 18 show owned rigs. Six of those are tractor trailers. Then a lot of F450 and F550's pulling trailers and seat wagons. The tractors haven't been resprayed in a few years. They try to do a couple of the trailers and lettering every year though. This year it will be three trailers that get re lettered. What do you mean by the circus here sure is different to there?

Anonymous said...

Good Day Mate,
The main differance between a circus down here,then in the U.S.A.
is that the Aussee Clown speaks with a destinct Jersey accent
Prof. Croc Dunwitt

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Cainan family from freezing Ireland just reading your Circus Diaries cheers us up...sooo looking forward to getting to Texas. Sorcha's new terrier looks a real showman

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