Saturday, January 09, 2010


Working on Saturday this week again
Gotta shoot paint on a tractor while
Bob is taking a day of rest from painting the trailers
Shouldn't take long to knock this one out
We have it prepped and taped in the welding shop already
Was good to get it ready over there cause
We could work on prepping it and finishing up
The production center piece
Can't say "what" it is just yet
But I will say it "is" a work of art
Danny and I have built it from scrap in the shop
Or at least 80%
We did buy paint and a few bits and pieces
I made 6 things like this to go on it yesterday

Bob is finished with one side of the concession truck
Will start driver side on Sunday
I spent some of my lunch yesterday watching him paint
And asking what were probably stupid questions
I think someday I am gonna take a shot at show painting

I doubt it will look anywhere this nice when I do...

"To live is to fly,
Both low and high,
So shake the dust off of your wings,
And the sleep out of your eyes"
T.Van Zandt

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Circus Photos said...


Yes, It is great time watching bob paint. I was so glad I get to watch him paint the concession trailer at WQ of LE Barnes.

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