Friday, August 14, 2009


Actually it was Frankenmuth
Neat little German town in MI
Home of Bronner's Christmas store
Biggest in USA
I however think I have seen others with the same title
Steve and I covered 5 miles a'hoof that morning
Some running some walking
Not gonna lie, most walking
Was getting some serious cramps in the calf
Shows were about 3/4 full
Good crowds
Steve had a couple friends visiting
So we invited Tanya and Steve to the AO bar and grill
Afterward Ryan, Radar, and I walked up town to see
If we could find some live polka music
Can't get enough oompa pa oompa pa in your life
No dice
Most of the tourist town was closed for night
We did get a drink at the bar that was open

Yesterday in Breckenridge
Slow all the way around
Lite crowds
That didn't seem to impressed
The town also had that Iowa mid west feel to it
Corn fields
Wide open spaces
Large people
Hot and muggy
Steve and I jogged through the graveyard and realized
They had alot of dead people for such a small town

Changed the ending of the act from the hing leg hurdle
To this

I sit the last cat up at the front of arena
Chuck the whips out
And call her to me
Looks much better with wardrobe on
And it seems to get a great response
Even from the unimpressed crowds

Here is some footage from Radars practice yesterday
He is coming along good
still needs to work on alot of movement and posture
But he will get it I am sure


Jack Ryan said...

The new act finish is unique and unexpected...not surprised it's a crowd pleaser. Almost like in a play when at some point "the fourth wall" opens.

Props to Radar too.

B.J. said...

Big John Strong would have been 89 years old today.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW...!! Thats cool...Im sure it does look even better with wardrobe on...I love it....youre doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work...I cant wait to see you work in person...


B.E.Trumble said...

Fans wanna know.. the free weights... who exactly loads them into the truck? You or Radar?

BJ's b'day 2day.

Bob Cline said...

Great job Casey! I love it!

Tejano said...

You mentioned Radar had to work on movement and posture. Could you explain to us non lion tamers how that is a factor? Thanks!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

That is a great topic. I will put some more video of Radar up tomorrow and we will pick it apart on here to see the do's and the dont's. Kind of a clinic on training humans,,,LOL

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