Monday, August 17, 2009

20 Odd Years Later...

Played Oscoda MI. on Saturday
A town I showed several times as a youth on Franzen
But specifically...
A town we showed when I was 12
21 years ago
And purchased my first exotic animal
We had a Magician on the show named Paul Lee
And he had a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Cokatoo
I really wanted a Macaw of my own
From the $100 a week I made to set up, tear down the animal fence
Do Juggling, Rolla Bolla, Dog act, and ride a pig in the show
(Think they got their monies worth?)
I had saved about $800 dollars when we rolled into Oscoda
I walked up the street to the pet shop and aquarium
(which is still in business today)
To purchase a Macaw
But wasn't to be
They had three, two blue and gold, and a Green Winged
All around $1,500 a piece
They did have a little African Gray for $725
I was sold
Bought him
Named him Pungy
And headed back to the lot
New parrot in hand
I spent more time with that bird then any animal since
I trimmed his wings so he could ride around on my shoulders
I took him everywhere
Four days after I bought him we were on the front page
Of the Alpena MI paper (Still have the copy I bought)
The bird ended up getting pretty mean later
He never talked just whistled
And my uncle didn't get that it wasn't like a dog
He would get mad at the bird for screeching or whistling
And then say shut up and try to physically correct him
That just made him not like people and hands
I ended up having to get rid of him
But since I was going back to school in Sept
My uncle sold him, or what ever, after I left the show

Yesterday in Houghton Lake, MI
Had half houses
And some neat stuff to do after the show
Like visit Funland
Put-put golf, Haunted house, go carts,
Lots of fun
And a punching bag that gave away prizes
And bumper boats
A great time was had by all
Especially on bumper boats
Of course it did start raining the second we got there
As you can see by the photo of Steve

It did stop raining so we could enjoy the park though

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John said...

Haunted Mansion? Certainly the guy in brown looks scary!

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