Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Even Kid Yourself...

This is the body of Adonis
That has been my stock line for years
Never been true
But usually gets a laugh
Well now it may become a reality
Have been watching what I eat
Cutting back on the smokes
And working out with Stevo Da Clown
Jogging mostly
But today I bought a set of free weights
And we are gonna pump up
The pains have been getting less
And my endurance is already getting better

Our friend Rick came in Romeo, MI
Had pretty good crowds there
Also my friend Mary Ann Howell and her husband Joe
Came by to spend her birthday at the circus
They took video of the act and practice
Even practice with Radar putting the cats through the act
We are anxious to see it

Yesterday in Flushing
We had good crowds again
And I was busy bailing out Suey
So I missed the morning jog
Instead I went immediately after the first show cat act
I managed to get 2.4 miles all by myself
And felt great afterward
After the AO BarBQ
Steve, Ryan, and I set off to Karaoke at a bar that was close
Steve sang a couple of obscure songs that got laughs
I sang Dixie Chicken and we headed home safe and sound
Radar was missing
Because his license was missing

I figure by Oct
I should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Or maybe Rocky...

Yo Adrian...

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cwdancinfool said...

Casey - Glad to hear you are cutting down on the smokes. Will be even happier when you quit completely. WTG!

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