Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haircut And A Movie...

Played at the Orchard mall in Benton Harbor
This recession must be pretty bad
Every mall we have been in last few months is
Half closed up
I took Georgia to the arcade
We played alot of Skee Ball
Then off to the salon for a cut n color
That's rite...
I said color
Got my hair dyed with highlights
I had it done once before and liked it
I think it looks good this time to

Here is how ridiculous I look under those dryer things

After the show
Radar, the clowns, and I headed off to see
Halloween 2 on its opening night
Gotta say, wasn't impressed at all with it
And the movie experience was awful as well
Late movie with a bunch of punky kids talking the whole time
Security guard had to keep threatening to toss them out
They obviously read it as a idol threat
The chick behind Ryan keep tapping her foot
And kicking the seat when she was scared
The overall movie was bad by

1: Very convoluted story line

2: Killings and gore were far from original, actually all
were about the same the whole movie

3: Only two good "jump outta no where and scare ya" scenes

Oh well...
They can't all be Quentin Terrentino movies...

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