Thursday, August 27, 2009

She Is Only One Cat...

But man is she a good one...

These are some pictures of Jai jumping Kali yesterday
Her hind legs are so strong now she hops the hurdles with ease
Her balance is getting better and better too


GaryHill said...

Jai, is great! How goes the bridge crossing?

Crystal said...

I dont have internet for 2 weeks and all sorts of stuff happens! Nice training pics! Anonymous is BLAH. And vet school is hard.

See yall in October!!!

Jack Ryan said...


Steve said...

Casey [and Gary] - ben away for a while and have only just caught up with the bridge crossing in the last couple of days.

Sticking my neck out here - I didn't think much of it compared to the way that the rest of the act is going.

Unless the Boss wants more props in the ring for some reason, why use them? It must slow down the act a bit getting them in and out. In my opinion, what you are doing with cat over cat etc is much more impressive than up and over props.

And Jai - wow!! Coming along nicely.

Not looking for an argument - just stating one person's opinion.


GaryHill said...

Steve, I agree props that are big are clumsey but if he could get a bounce or a hind leg walk on it, it would be worth it. Heck I badgered Casey to add more sections because his cage was way too small last year.

Bob Cline said...

You are doing great Casey! Keep up the good work!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Gary, Steve,
The bridge being used for training was a heavy aluminum ramp. She does the behavior great now, so we have stopped working on it. I have big big big plans for that trick, which involve building and rigging, and probably won't be ready till opening of next year. But when I do it, it will all seem worth it. (hint: ever seen a hindleg walking tiger above the steel arena?)

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Vet school is hard!!!!,,,Ask Radar how easy tiger school is,,,haha

Ryan Easley said...

Easy? Are you kidding me?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Mr. The Watcher,
I am sorry, but I won't let your comment through.

1. It is directed at someone other then me in a mean spirited way. (Fire away at me, I will probably run it with in reason)

2. It is blatantly not true.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Mr. Watcher,
Thank you, for the compliment. But again, it isn't true. I watched them myself, and terrified was something I didn't see at all. What I saw was perfection.

Wade G. Burck said...

Mr. Watcher,
It is spelled Burck. It was corrected often in world wide publicity!!!! I don't recall anybody ever mentioning a Mr./Mrs. Watcher, good or bad. Either you are not that good, or you are that bad, because a name and opinion is something to be proud of.
Wade Burck

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