Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Indiana Road...

One of my favorite Fred Eaglesmith records
Is Indiana Road
Early in his songwriting career
And when you listen to it while driving through Indiana
It is easy to hear where his mind was
Cause Indiana roads are just different
Any way...
We all went out to eat Sun after the shows
At Mi Ranchito Mexican Grill
Fantastico! Delicioso! and El Cheapo!
Steve had a friend visiting, (Beth) and at the end of the meal
For 11 people to eat dinner (And a few cocktails)
Less then 8 bucks a piece
That is awesome!
Yesterday we were in Watseka IL.
Played there with a few shows
Business was so so..
Little better then half houses
Lot is rite behind a WalMart
Shopping mecca

There was a review in Spectacle Magazine of the show this week
Was a great write up for Steve, Ryan, and I
Even has a good pic of the backwards shoulder stand
Mixed into the 10 photos of the clowns

Speaking of Photos...
Wade somehow found this "yet to be released" publicity shot
Of Radar
Wooing fans at the swimming pool snack bar

And no,
It is not really Radar
Let us be realistic here,,,HAHA

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