Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Practice...

The first video is of Kali doing the hind leg jump
I thought she wasn't going to work out for this trick
But she has come along very nice
She is still coming a little to hot
But very manageable

Next is Shonti
I have not been picking her up recently
Because of the health problem
So after almost three weeks of not doing it
She not only felt very heavy
I must admit I was a little nervous of her reaction
Gotta stay on this one

Last is Jai jumping the two hurdles
The second hurdle is 8 inches higher then the first one
You can see she gets some good height on it
I am very proud of this cat she is doing great


Gilligan T. Monkey said...

Can't tell from the video, are you able to enjoy a smoke, while working Kali's hind leg jump?

Tejano said...

Glad to have you back posting Casey! You survived! The videos of those cats jumping and coming at you must be quite a sight from your position.

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