Sunday, July 12, 2009


Early shows yesterday
Went out to eat after the show
And learned a little about the town
The restaurant was across the street from this cool old factory

Built by Alfred Dolge, in 1882, the Dolgeville mill
Made green felt for pianos and pool tables
It was one of the first factories to have a hydroplant generator
Because of Mr. Dolge and Mr. Edison being friends
Later in its life the factory made Daniel Green shoes
Until the 1990's when the company was moved to China
We really don't make anything for ourselves nowdays I guess...

Katies Diner was a good choice for food
And they had these neat fiberglass "Blues Brothers" things

Inside were lots of neat antiques and what not
And some chicanery from the clowns

Burned up a wheel bearing on the house this morning
Hoping Castro can get it all back together before tomorrow
Thats what I need
Wasn't that Obama guy selling that stuff...
Wait no...
That was hope...
I hope he stops campaigning soon and
Starts doing some of the stuff he promised

Business has been good
Today the first show is filled up
Word is the crowds at KM unit 2 were good as well
Glad to know people do still like the circus
Sometimes it is hard to tell

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