Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Critics Corner...

I was stumbling around the inter tube this morning
Checking the normal blogs
Seeing what is new (not much)
Reading the opinions of faithful readers and sects
And even though I know better then to look
I end up in San Fransisco reading what is "wrong" with Show Biz
I gotta hand it to this guy he is entertaining
In an Angela Lansbury kinda way
He is a pro's pro
In the know
Dat's Fo Show

His newest attempt at luring in readers
And trying to convince anyone he is an "expert"
Involves questioning the ethics of several shows

I am impressed...
Current Affair here we come
Those nasty Feld Entertainment guys are advertising
A high wire act that is no longer there
They should be ashamed
And it will end up being the demise of their
Beautiful grade A tented circus
Says the San Fran Treat

We will see I guess
I doubt it will play much of a role in any demise

My favorite was subtly slipping his name in a list of
Guest "STARS" who could play grandma at BAC
That was where he really lured me in for some audience participation
My comment of

"Here is a trickle...

"why not hire guest celebrities to do Grandma? Madonna? Dr. Phil? Ophra? Simon Cowell? ShowBiz David?"

Guest celeb ShowBiz David
You are kidding rite???

Apparently your arrogance knows no boundries...

Simon and ShowBiz is like
Lou Jacobs and Payaso of the week
One sells tickets...
The other just likes to blow his own whistle..."

Is not likely to get through quality control
With critics, all sales are final

His left field, weak shot, at K&M was that the performers
Were not "international" enough
He wants Chinese, African, or something more exotic then
Americans, Brazilians, Peruvians, or Mexicans
Sorry we couldn't meet your high standards of recruitment
I am sure JRNII will get rite on globe trotting to find
Something that meets your approval

Now for the policing of these ethics bylaws
I suggest you and your friend Boyi head back to Coney Island
Introduce yourselves as the ones who thought Vincenta
Was to hefty to do rings
And ask them how the structure of the tent is holding up
Would do you well to have the Tiger Whisperer pound some ethics
into you

I am giving three to one odds she would not only take both of you
But you guys could leave with some of those false advertising programs
Wedged into a certain part of your anatomies...

All in a good days fun


Crystal said...


Mireille. said...

Bravo. very good. excellent.
sincerely mireille.

Pat Cashin said...

Well played, sir.

Well played indeed.

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