Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lemons Disease...

If you are ever in New England
And you git bitten by a tick
And a few days later you have a mark like this...

I suggest going straight down to the local hospital
And getting on some antibiotics
Cause you probably have Lyme Disease
Or as Georgia has renamed it
Lemons Disease
I will know for sure if I have it in about six days
They draw blood and run tests
They felt sure enough I had it yesterday to start treatment
Gave me a shot and some pills
Told me to stay out of the sun
I worked the act the first show
Then walked out the door and puked for 20 mins
Couldn't get up to do the second show
It kinda feels like your bones are on fire under your skin
Not very pleasant
They seemed pretty sure we caught it before anything really bad
I didn't like it when the doctor told me
"If you wake up blind or paralyzed, don't panic, it will probably go away"

Thanks Doc!


B.E.Trumble said...

Dang, no cocktails while taking antibiotics....That's tuff! Time to start wearing a dog collar, though warding off ticks might kill off your flea circus too. Lyme is found all over the US these days, but ticks west of the Mississippi are less heavily infected. Nasty little buggers. We had to take one off a tiger in South Dakota last week.

MatCoes said...

Nahhhh- it's probably just your pants rubbing on it.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah... Mat I will admit it now. YOU WERE RITE.
Everyone can thank Mr. Coes for telling me to get the bite checked out. His warnings and my 103 fever finally convinced me that maybe something was wrong. I am now advocating killing off all the ticks and deer!

Rose said...

Get well soon, Casey!

I grew up in MA, and knew of a few souls who contracted Lime disease. It was rough for all of them, Rougher for some than others, but never a good time to recount.

It is, in short, nothing to take lightly.

Listen to the doctor. Get rest.

...and get better, soon. All the best!

Margaret said...

....I hope you get to feeling better soon Casey....

Susabelle said...

Definitely Lymes. Take your meds, do what the doctor said. Yikes.

Bob Kelmer said...

Sorry to hear this Casey! Hope you are feeling better soon!
PS try rubbing some chessy brats on it--now that wont help it but you get more chessy brats that way!
Bob Doodles Kelmer
So is Radar working the cats then?

Mindy said...

You are lucky!! Some people get a tick bite and never show symptoms of Lyme disease- until years later after it has affected multiple organ systems.

My best friend dropped dead when we were cleaning stalls. She was 19- and Lyme disease weakened the valves in her heart.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Michael Newton-Brown said...

So sorry to hear this. What's the ETA on recovery? No cocktails? RAts! Feel better soon.

john herriott said...

A number years ago an animal training family had the wife tick bitten and it was not diagnosed correctly and she died. Very sad. Seems that the lot was next to a heavily forested area and she had ventured in. To be sure when lot is in such an area stay out and especially keep the kids out. It was a wake up call for all of us at the time. Thanks for putting it on the blog and best wishes for you.

Mireille. said...

You did good by going to the Dr. right are to important for your wife and children,and animals.
for anything that happen,
you must go and never wait like so many people do, they are there for us to help us,,,,
you will be fine the worst is over. take good care,
sincerely Mireille...

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thank you everyone!

Negative on the Radar working the cats. I am still working, it just isn't as pretty. It also feels like I have run 10 miles when I get done. Radar has been a god send. Between him and Natalie they have kept everything going so I can just limp into the arena, do the act, and go back to bed.

They didn't really give me an ETA on getting better. I am on a 28 day course of antibiotics. Which three days later have not changed my symptoms much. The ridiculously high fever is gone now, but otherwise I feel about the same. Turns out however, I am on an antibiotic that is not effected by alcohol. Which doesn't matter because I am sure a cocktail would cause instant vomiting.

Jack Ryan said...

My best wishes, my friend. Hang in there and hopefully the meds will start doing their job.

cwdancinfool said...

Casey - Hope you are feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee.


Michael Newton-Brown said...

This will make you feel better.
ShoBiz Dave commented very favorably on your act compared to Ringling Gold.
Guess he's seen your videos.

Pat Cashin said...


Sorry to hear whats happened and hope you are feeling better soon.


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I read it, but it didn't make me feel better. I am embarrassed he said anything nice about my act after the comment he made about Vincenta and the tent possibly collapsing under her weight. Vincenta does a fine job with her cats, and last I saw her she was very easy on the eyes. I am beginning to understand these "critics" and their motives better and better everyday. Someday I will "paint a masterpiece" and they will all really hate me,,,,LOL

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