Saturday, July 11, 2009

And Now...Back To Your Regular Scheduled Programing...

Lyme disease wasn't so bad
Getting better
Feeling fine now
Antibiotics are a pain
And give me some stomach problems
But I suppose it could have all been worse

We have had a couple days off since my last post
Last Sunday we were off close to Albany NY
I took the wife and kids (Clown Kids Too) to the mall
We had a good time once we finally found it
And then went 20 miles the wrong way on the way home
With a GPS in the car???

We also had this Wed. off and we were close to Glen's Falls
So we spent the day at The Great Escape Park
Becky Ostroff was kind enough to get us in for free
She is working in the dive show there

The park was ok
Years ago I remember seeing circus acts every summer at this park
We played around here alot on Franzen
Chad and I would make several trips to the park over the summer
And even more trips to Lake George chasing girls
Ah misspent youth...

The next day we had goofy show times for the local camps
2:00 and 7:30
There's how you waste a whole day folks...
In between shows Steve and I hiked up the ski slope in North Creek
And I snapped a few pics of the tent from

I have been fee;ling better for a few days now
But the internet has been awful this week in upstate NY
I will try to get back to posting regularly
If service will allow

I have some video for tomorrow of some practice
Maybe some more pics as well

Thanks to all for the get well wishes
It meant alot and I am sure it helped

Be safe out there
It is a jungle...


Rebecca Ostroff said...

guess what? the park chained off the Batmobile, since we pimped it!!
divers still talking about the "coolness" of our circus outing

Susabelle said...

Good to see you posting again. GREAT pictures, love to see the circus folk not being circus folk for a few minutes once in a while. I have a DVD of the Franzen bros. putting up their tent, someone gave it to me at CWM a few years ago. That was a good looking circus.

Mireille. said...

Very glade that you back on regular scheduled.!
for sure we all miss you.
sincerely, Mireille...

Dion said...

Tiger Trainer Blogger Returns for Triumphant Tour

Had a nice chat with your boss JRN II on the 9th. According to him you can almost walk on water (great guy and trainer). Geez!
Welcome back.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Glad you're back. I was afraid Lemon's Disease made your fingers fall off.

Margaret said...

....Hi Casey,glad your feeling better..Did you know that you are close to Adam and Elaine..they are at the water safari park in Old Forge,N.Y.

Jack Ryan said...

Thought I'd posted but maybe it got lost somewhere out in cyberspace.

Anyway, wanted to welcome you back to your adoring blog fans. Glad you are feeling better.


Crystal said...

Tell Georgia her styling looks fabulous, tell Natalie she looks FABULOUS, and good to know you still kicking!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Can't believe I don't warrant a FABULOUS! I feel like a million bucks,,,which is not a full recovery,, I started out looking like three million,,,HAHA

Mireille. said...

You Will...!!!

Rose said...

So glad you're feeling better Casey. Now you can think of lemons in better floating in a nice, cool, drink.

Ben Trumble said...

I'm a bit baffled by all the open days. Not like there aren't bookable towns in that part of New York, or towns big enough for successful lot/license and ticket laydowns. I assumed that the focus of senior management was on the festival show and the parade -- but it's tough to have so much open time. Great for the clowns or the tiger guy, hard on the bookkeeper and the bottom line.

Dick Flint said...

Wonderful to see you back on line and to know you're still kicking! You're all fabulous but it is especially good Casey, and I say this sincerely, to know that you are--and do--feel better. Just be smart in practicing that great looking carry with Shonti.
Dick Flint

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