Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Week...

Was very busy last week
Took the kids to the Southwick Zoo
Visited the Cole Show
And had lots of visitors
My good buddy Mat Coes came by yesterday with his beautiful
daughter Isabel (Georgia's new best friend)
We had a few laughs reminiscing about the good ol days
On Franzen Mat taught me how to play a few songs on a guitar
And look at me now!!!!,,,,,HAHA
We had the South Shore Band playing at the show in Berkeley MA.
Other assorted visitors, and friends
Including Ryan Combs family
Last night Cap. Johnny and I went to see the Cole show
Had a good visit with Mike, Carolyn, and Louie.
Saw some great acts, saw some poor acts
No show is perfect
Here are a few pics of me and Georgia at the zoo

Biz has been great in Mass this year again
And the jumps have been short and sweet
Will almost be a shame to leave

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