Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elevated Hind Leg...

Day two
To me this was big
She took a step and didn't come down
Now she has the idea
We just need to get over the scary height
Which is just a matter of time
We will add steps as she feels more and more comfortable

I also layed across the bridge today and had Shonti walk over me
Took a whole 10 mins
Alot of which was setting up the bridge
Will try to post the video of this
But we shot it on a camera that I don't have
Editing software for
And the clip is about 15 mins total
Will work on it

Great crowd for first show today in Warsaw NY
Full plus
Had a great Bar B Q last night
Lots of chicanery
Made up for lost time while everyone was sick
Made a great video with clowns and Radar
Then I got out a Halloween mask and scared the
Begeezus out of Ryan and then Steve
Steve was the best
I think I scared a year off the end of his life

"I am thankful for the things I have
And all the things I don't
I got dreams that will come true
And I got some that won't
Most the time I just walk the line
Where ever it goes
Cause you can't hang yourself
If you aint got enough rope"
Chris Knight

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Dick Flint said...

I think she was more sure-footed on her hop than you were getting off!!
Dick Flint

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