Monday, July 20, 2009

The Opposite Of Fun...

Just made a 115 mile jump
With all kinds of good stuff on it
First when I got in the truck I thought
"Quarter of a tank, I will be fine for 30 miles"
Then came the horrid upgrades turning my 30 into 20
Then the running out in the middle of the steepest grade
Because in this part of NY
They don't put diesel on every corner
Luckily the can was full
Bleed the system, prime the pump
Away we go
The half way across the turnpike
And a friendly State Trooper asking why I was stopped
And how soon I would be leaving

We did drive past some neat stuff today
Wallace Stadium
Home of the Bills
Go Flutie and Kelly
Then through downtown Jamestown NY
Birthplace of Lucille Ball
And childhood home of
Big John Strong
They traveled together to CA
And both did quite well for themselves
The lot here (Firemans Park)
Is in the middle of nowhere
With a water truck
At least it is sunny today
And grassy
And we have a Box-O-Joe and dozen Dunkin Doughnuts

Probably be back later for some more
Pissing and moaning...

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Sounds like another day in


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