Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something New...

Started working on a new trick today
I think it will be a good one
I don't think it has been done before
But I could be wrong
Let me know if I am

I want to teach a tiger to walk across a bridge
4ft up from pedestal to pedestal
This was as far as we got today

This was easy going so far
We put the ramp down on the ground with
Chunks of meat across it
She walked across a few times
Then I made her sit up on it a few times
Then had her take a few steps on her hind legs across it
Then attached it to the pedestals and had her
Walk across on all fours
Then what you see in the videos
I am guessing by the end of August
She will walk rite across no problem

I am not sure if the public will be any more impressed
With a hind leg tiger 4ft up
Instead of the ground
But sometimes I just do things to see if I can


Crystal said...

AH! I can't wait until this is finished! FANTASTIC!

Dion said...

Ok. Speaking of meat. What do you feed your cats? I mean for regular meals. Processed in tube?
Do you have refrigeration?
I ask because my cats only got chicken backs and necks (with the wicked ribs sharp and waiting to stick in a tiger throat) with only an occasional hunk of liver that made for a really bad after product on the cage floors.
A 35 truck circus and I had no refrigeration. Ah the ole days.

Anonymous said...

Casey, It seems I remember Wolfgang having a cat walk across a raised plank with him laying across it and the cat walking over his chest. Now, thinking about it, I suspect that was a lion and not a tiger. Sounds like a great trick. Is the two rope walk, ala Mabel Stark next?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I feed tube meat 90% of the time. Sometimes when we are in between cold storage's that carry it, I feed chicken quarters. I have a freezer in the truck for about 1,100 lbs. For rewards I buy chunk beef in 50lbs boxes. Radar cuts the chunks into small pieces to put on the meat sticks.

I don't think you read what the trick will be. The cat is going to walk across on it's hind legs, not all fours. Any cat will do a "plank walk" in about 5 mins with almost zero training. The two ropes thing takes about 15 mins to train on all fours. Unless it is a clumsy lion, then it may take a week.

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