Friday, July 17, 2009

Always Lube...

Your transmission that is...
Even then you run a risk of burning one up
As just happened to my box truck
It was caused by another problem
Blockage in the trans cooler
Here is where I wished I had a little extra lube...
So I took the truck into Buff-O-Matic Transmissions
In Carlise NY
The original quote was $1,500 out the door
Not too bad
Price at pick up
JEEPERS Batman!!
Robbery without the guns and stuff
This is part of the cost of being from "out of town"
So far the new tranny is running like a charm
Smooth shifts and no slipping
And we put it to the test on route 20 in upstate NY
It is like Colorado but without the scenic cliffs and animals

Then yesterday
We have a vet out for health certificates
Normally about 25 to 40 bucks per certificate
We got four vets for three hours at the rate of
$48 per animal...
That is rite
$480 just for the McCoy stable
These honest towners are really sticking it to
Us this week
Such is life I guess
Gives me something to complain about in my
Almost perfect life,,,HAHAHA

It does help to look at Genevieve and Georgia
To make me think
"Ah....who cares about any of that"


Dion said...

Why did you need 4 vets for so long? Why four? Did they draw blood? Do you have a squeeze cage?

Crystal said...

Remind me to get licensed in all 50 states...I have seen that before, but instead the bill was $4800.

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