Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We had a visit from Mrs. Hamid the other day
She said something back behind the tent that I already knew
But have been thinking about alot since
While she was talking to Steve, Ryan, and I
She told Steve and Ryan
"You guys do something great, you make people laugh,
I always try to make at least one person laugh each day,
Cause you never know when someone might be having a bad day
And they might remember you making them laugh
And you could make it a good day"
These words are very true I think
I also think that is why Steve and Ryan have become such good friends with Nat and I
They sure as hell make me laugh on the worst days
I plan to try harder to at least get smiles if not laughs

How could you not laugh at this $H%^...

Your guess is as good as mine on which is Mr. Myagee, and which is ChaChi...

I am not above using a baby to get smiles either...

Been close to Atlantic City
Biz has been great
Much better then this area was last year
Course it isn't 100 degrees everyday either

"Been lookin for a job and it's hard to find,
There's winners and there's losers and I'm south of the line,
Tired of comin out on the losing end,
So I talked to a man last night gonna do a little favor for him,
Baby everything dies and baby that's a fact,
Maybe everything that dies someday comes back,
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty,
And meet me tonight in Atlantic City"
Bruce Springsteen


Steve said...

The two G's - yep, I'm smiling!!!

B.J. said...

Was that Shirley Hamid ? She is Dave Conners daughter, and was on Culpepper back in the early years. -BJ

Rose said...

You got me to smile, thank you.

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