Friday, June 12, 2009

Cat Meets Pat...

After watching the show together
Cat Deloach is drilled by Pat Cashin for a
Circus review not to be missed!!!

Keep in mind folks this was all on the spot
No scripts
No planning
No fancy lighting (OBVIOUSLY!!)

Just a boy and his cat....Cat DeLoach


Steve Copeland said...

Wow, people were right. Those clowns aren't funny!

Pat Cashin said...

Clowns... just point a camera at 'em and the comedy just comes pouring out.

Why doesn't JRNII have inflatable Cat De Loache's available at the concession stand?

I bet a Cat pitch following the cat act would bring in 100X more than the peanut pitch!

Crystal said...

ummm...for those of us who were not at A.O.'s B & a transcript!!! going to try and decipher it a 3rd time.


Anonymous said...

...stay tuned for another exciting episode of Cat


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