Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Business Like...

We made it
Landed on the Kelly Miller lot around 2:30 PM today
Looks the same
Sounds the same
Prolly mostly the same
Learned over the last two days...
With three girls on a drive like that
Every 40 miles someone needs to pee, change a diaper, or eat...


But now we are here and we can resume your regularly scheduled programing

We stopped and visited the Walker show on the way up
Had a good time remembering the good ol' days with Becky

Not much here on the show today
Steve and I ran up and got a couple burgers at the local
BO Macs drive in
Not bad
We did however manage to forget three times to inquire about the local
Jug Rock, which is apparently the big deal about the town of Shoals IN

Glad to be back on the arrows...

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Ryan Easley said...

I bet I know what's in that cup!

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