Monday, April 27, 2009

Before We Left...

Before we left my amigo Ryan shot this video of the act
I am posting it today, so we can compare it against the
Video I will take today or tomorrow with added cat (Shonti)
And the added trick (Courbette)


Dick Flint said...

Great that the new routine with the single backward hind leg walk followed by the two forward gets noticed by the audience with a bit more cheering and clapping!
Does the route bring you to Maryland in June? Hope to see all the new additions--act and family--soon!
Dick Flint

Anonymous said...

GREAT video Casey....the act looks super...keep it up...

Ryan Easley said...

Excellent... can't wait to see the updated act and how Shonti does!
No loose jackets or torn pants in the ring, please.

Steve said...

Jeez, this act is coming along good. I wonder how many people realise how many hours have gone into getting this far.

As someone said a while ago - real tricks!

I'm enjoying watching you work Casey! Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Looks like you've got a winner with Shonti.

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