Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello..I Must Be Going...

Been off the blog the last few days
Kinda busy round here
Genevieve was cleared for take off by her doctor
Loaded up (mostly) and heading north to IN today
Got lots of cool things done while we were home
Took a couple pics of Georgia at the front of the property yesterday
We have three awesome rose bushes coming in
Really wish some of this stuff would grow when we are home in the winter
Also got this pic of Genevieve with her cool new baby cake
A three tier cake full of diapers and assorted other baby things
Thanks Rick

May not be able to post again till we hit the lot in IN.
If you leave a comment, it will be posted at landing

"You can be anything that you wanna be
That's what they told me when I left school
Took the first thing they offered me
Now I'm just another show blind fool"
F. Eaglesmith

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