Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Extra Sweet Home...

Natalie and Genevieve are home from the hospital
All is well with both
We will be leaving for the show Friday morning
Genevieve has a trip to the pediatrician Thursday
Then we are cleared for take off
Came home and took this picture of the extended family on the front porch
Couple of hounds included

Then I went to work on this new flower basket
Daisies and Petunias in a half'a whiskey barrel
I am diggin it
And I planted it

Big thank yous to everyone who prayed and sent congrats after the birth
We are now living proof on how you should never give up
If you keep trying something good will happen
Even if some bad happens before...


Crystal said...

WONDERFUL FAMILY PIC!!! So excited! Can't wait to meet this lovely girl one day!

dpowhitetiger said...

Welcome GENEVIEVE to The Wide Wide World and its good to see Natalie looking great in the Family Picture....Hope to see you all of you this season.....

SIDEBAR: Just received word here in (WTAJ -TV) Altoona that Clayton Rosaire lost SARR...No other information at this time..They were scheduled to pull out tomorrow morning after seven days, fifteen performances of the 70th Jaffa Shrine Circus..Our hearts and prayers go outto the ROSAIRE FAMILY....

Mindy said...

Great family pic!! Have you guys lost other babies? It is so hard, I am so sorry, but hopefully this new addition will bring your family peace.

GaryHill said...

Casey if you ever give up training tigers you can go into the flower business!:)

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