Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ever Had A Tiger Hug...

Put a new little bit of business in the act today
Kind of a comedy part
I lay the four grown cats down, then try to get Shonti to go lay down with them
Instead she does a backwards shoulder stand on me and licks my neck and hair
I need to work on the acting part a bit
But she did wonderful
Here is the video of first try

I am also working on my presentation, with the help of Steve and Ryan
Mostly Ryan actually
Steve is just the support punch board,,,HAHA
Here is a video of the courbette and final style of the act
Note that without suspenders my high pants have worked there way below the jacket
I will have to work on that
Honestly presentation has always been my weakness
Now I am going to consciously make an effort to fix it


Anonymous said...

Just as an out side point of view , have you thought about adding a drum roll and chord for the finish trick?
It seems like it would build up an already impressive trick,if there is a drummer maybe he can hit a couple of snare's as she walks? ( just a thought)

I was always told its not so much what you do its how its done!

GaryHill said...

Do we have the makings of another Kismet?

Anonymous said...

Casey...Im not just saying this to toot your horn, but I am SO impressed with the act...your wardrobe looks great, the music rules and the cats do super tricks...I am SO proud of you...keep it up...


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Boy I wish and hope she is. I would be happy to get even a couple years worth of backward shoulder stands out of her.

Thanks. I still need to work on the "flow" of the act, and my movements. I am working to get a beginning, middle, and end feeling to it.

B.J. said...

For the pants, I recommend a bungee cord.

Steve said...

I'm not going to comment about presentation because I never had any. In fact a European once referred to me as a "farmer" - which is apparently an insult over there!

My thought is about the cats and you can tell me to butt out if I'm out of line. I've owned the grand total of 6 tigers in my life and worked only 4 of them. I have never seen your cats in person, only snippets on this blog, so I know nothing about their characters or temperament. And I am fully aware that you know very well what you are doing and that, if needed, America's Own can call on America's Greatest for advice.

BUT - is it possible that the 4 older girls might get to resent all the attention that the Boss [you] is giving to the new kid [Shonti]? And could jealousy develop behind inscrutable tiger faces to the point that one day there will be drama in the ring?

Just a thought. Stay safe.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I am doubtful of tigers feeling jealousy of attention. Meat yes, affection I say no. I would never tell you to butt out though. Be safe on your side of the pond as well.

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