Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I Already Miss About Being Home...

The first one is pretty blurry
This is the bird who lives in a nest on our front porch at home
I miss having a drink with him in the evening

I miss my grill and the awesome way the food tastes when it is smoked with Pecan wood

And I miss watching the cats rough housing out in the yard
I like to go out and watch them stalk everything that moves

Glad to be back on the road,
But I gotta say home is great...


Tejano said...

Have you thought about when it will be that you give up the road? I can imagine traveling with the family and the tigers is great and your fellow performers are an extended family.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I try NOT to think about it. I figure when it happens it will happen that the wagons pull out without me.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Hey Casey, would you show some photos of your rig, how you travel the cats and dogs, and all the props. I'm fascinated by how you manage this on a day to day basis, and still find time to BBQ with clowns.

GaryHill said...

Heck, he even has time to fix water heaters and pumps during naptime!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Mr. Newton,
I will try to snap a few pics this week, if it ever stops raining. One great thing about having a small act (5 cats opposed to 10-15)is that there is a lot less equipment involved. We can actually be loaded,cats fed & bedded down ready to roll before intermission if need be. Grill is always lit before the elephant act second show,,,,lol

We take our grilling quite seriously around here!

Steve said...

Re the "Things I Already Miss......" I reckon that the worst thing a circus or show bloke can do is buy a bit of dirt!! LOL Even worse if it's got a house on it!!!

Great from an investment/financial security point of view but a real magnet when you're out on the road.

Those of us who for years let the Parks Department [or whatever] cut the grass on the lot now have ride-ons to keep "our" place neat and tidy.

And we know zilch about gardens but that doesn't stop us trying to grow masterpieces - and fretting about them while we are away from them on the road.

Classic case is an old mate of mine who recently bought his first ever "I live here" property. Well into his seventies, he has just discovered that some plants grow when you put them in the ground. One type grew so well that he's got it planted everywhere and was very proud of it. Until the Council came around and threatened to fine him for proliferating a noxious weed!

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