Saturday, May 02, 2009

For Mr. Newton-Brown...

Figure I would start the series of pictures with the trucks
The tiger trailer is pulled with a 2006 Dodge 3500
The trailer is about a 1975 home built trailer
Originally used as a bear trailer by Harry Locker
I bought it from Mike Swain who had done a lot of work on it
Raising the roof to haul elephants and insulating it for the Jose Cole tour

The dog truck is a 1989 Uhaul
We haul the dogs in their crates inside
It is about to become living quarters for my new groom
I had the help of Fridman Torales (Expert builder) with the installation
Of sliding RV windows down the sides

Tomorrow I will get some pics of the cages being used


Ryan Easley said...

Sounds like a lucky sonuvabitch. Good thing he has a cool boss.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Hey Casey,I remember seeing Beatty's rig when I was a little kid. The arena slid onto the bottom, the cats were in cross cages. I think there was a small living compartment,and a big frige for the meat.
Thanks for the pics!!

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