Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy... But Not The Busy Bee...

Had a great Easter
Hope everyone else did as well
Our friend Crystal came by again to visit and go see Showman's Rest
We had a great dinner at Molina's then chased it down with ice cream
at Braums

We had an Easter Egg hunt in the house for Georgia
I made her wear this hat
Which she begged for last year while we were shopping on Kelly's Island
Now she never wears it unless I make her
The picture of Georgia eating a banana split sans banana
Was taken by Crystal as Georgia was showing she was a good sharer,,haha

Took a bunch of pictures at Showman's Rest
I will post more in the next few days
Despite our recent big deal out of nothing
I must say the poem on Turtle's stone
Written by John Herriot
Was a highlight in our visit
Well done sir


Ryan Easley said...

What does it say?

Anonymous said...

Give Georgia our love on her birthday!! Sorry we can't be there. Love to you and Natalie as well.

Ariel & Pete

Anonymous said...

Ted Bowman's wagon wheel is much larger in person than this photo would suggest. Dion said...

TURTLE STORIES: Back when Turtle was on Roberts Bros the show arrived on the lot and Turtle unloaded I suppose Lisa leased bull from DR....Got all his work done in his cut-offs..Then and this was before alot of us had CELL PHONES, well Turtle pulled his out and called Bobby Gibbs. It was still many years prior to me owning a cell phone..Turtle could have been the only Roberts Bros. employee that had a cell phone..Still miss Turtle....Casey I know what you mean about Hugo's SHOWMANS REST...Back in the 90's while working ahead of some Hanneford Texas dates I spent part of a day in Hugo....I felt the same way after visiting Showmans Rest....Had been setting some PR in Paris,TX that day...Best to your Family....See you down the road..

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