Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Georgia Grace, And Robin

So yesterday was Georgia's 6th Birthday
We were hoping to have two children with the same B-Day
But it was not to be
Natalie's visit to the doctor yesterday went great
She is 4 cm and it will be any minute now
All is well with the baby as far as can be seen

Georgia opened her iPod first thing when she woke up
And has already had it a whole day without losing it
Her aunt Robin (Natalie's sister) is here for the birth
(Easy Mr. Herriot, she has a bunch of kids old enough to cover all her jobs on Culpepper,,,,LOL)
Her birthday was yesterday as well
She turned....uh.....she doesn't look a day over 30

We went to Chilis for dinner (Conveniently located across the street from the hospital) and then came home for cake and presents
Robin's longtime friend Donna Moos came down from Huggo
Good time was had by all

Now we just wait till Nat says we need to go NOW!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Robin is practicing her "Dick Van Dyke" move....she'll know what I mean...


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