Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peeps...They Aren't Just For Breakfast Any More...

Happy Easter!

Georgia had a visit from the Easter Bunny last night
When she got up, I tried telling her I had surprised the bunny and he ran out the door carrying lots of baskets

She told me "Don't even pretend like he wasn't really here, I KNOW HE IS REAL"
So I didn't

Then after having a bowl of cereal for breakfast she found me to ask
"Can I have some of my candy now"
I said "You can have a few Peeps, and some Sweetarts"
She left, then came back to ask
"Exactly how many, cause who knows what you mean by a few"
Excellent fore thought for a 5 year old

The weather is crumby here
Rain and lightning
Slows down all my projects
Guess I will spend some of the day downloading music onto Georgia's
Birthday present iPod Nano in pink

I didn't get anything cool like that when I turned six

"Readin yesterday's, news singin the blues,
Tellin all my friends I'll be comin home soon"

F. Eaglesmith


Ryan Easley said...

That kid is a hoot and a half. Good thing the Easter Bunny didn't open the wrong door (or should I say gate). We have all seen what those cats do to their distinguished visitors!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I am guessing the Easter Bunny is less of a sissy then some distinguished visitors.

Besides,,, they LOVE bunnies

Ryan Easley said...

Shut your mouth McCoy!

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