Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raindrops Are Fallin On My...


It is cold
It is wet
It's like a bad joke I don't get

Gettin ready for some mud and fun
Good sandy lot today
Still sucks that it's cold and wet
Pretty good crowds yesterday
Had a bunch of friends visit
Hadn't seen my buddy Chris Hamblin in a year or so
He is a big 10-4 truck driver now
Chewed some fat drank some beer
Reminisced about the time Chris' buddy Colin caused us an international catastrophy

Crossing into the US from Mex. in the middle of the night
Having indulged in lots of liqueur and tacos
After 6 of the group of 7 has cleared the check station
Colin decides it would be funny to scream out

That was stupid!
They locked us all in a room with nothing but a stainless steel counter
And several boxes of latex gloves on the counter
I made a promise to Colin that if I was touched below the neck with one of the gloves
He would eat what was left of the box later
Luckily the US Border Patrol realized we were just stupid kids
They eventually let us go unharmed

Ahh Yes
The Good Ol' Days

A friend found a blog with a few pics of the show on it
I stole the one of me and the girls
Its not a great pic
She was either a second to soon or a sec to late
Here it is

"My first love was a fearless drivin rain
Scared to death I thought I'd never see her face again
They say that God was crying so I guess he felt my pain
My first love was a fearless drivin rain"
Reckless Kelly

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Tejano said...

Friend of mine pulled a similar stunt. Working on a building project, we were laying some tile which required a special acid to smooth it out. None was available, only place we could get some was from a friend who said he had some but in in Reynosa, Mexico. Two friends followed him to Reynosa to pick up the acid, which was in powder form. They took the opportunity to buy a bottle of liquor seeing as how it is cheap over there. As they were crossing the bridge, speaking to the Immigration officials, they were asked by them what they had done in Mexico, as they were crossing over late at night. My friend decided it would be cute to say they had bought some "acid". Just as what happened to you, they were put into a small room, they opened the trunk of the car, found the acid and had it tested, as it was in powder form. They spent a long time there, a looooong time before the test came back negative and they were in the clear and released. They left the immigration building, realized what a close call they had had, pulled the bottle open and finished it on the side of the road. Never, ever joke with the immigrations guys, they totally lack a sense of humor. They are specially selected for this trait. :)

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