Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators YO!!!

The little tidbit of useful knowledge
Complete with gansta epitaph at the end
Came from a clown
And it is truly something to live by
I have used that my whole life
And it works for me
I have found that motivation is key in everything
And that if you want to be good at something...
You need to want it bad
I am not trying to give a Ditka motivational speech
I just want to mention that having people root against you
Can be very useful in life
I will also throw in that I have a great "corner"
Rooting for me all the time, rite or wrong
And I go to the top, God, when I need a coach
He has yet to steer me wrong
And he will make sure you keep your feet on the ground no matter how good you are at something

Yesterday in Trinity
First show half full to 3/4
Night show better 3/4 to full
Today here in Woodville
Nice green grassy lot with threat of rain
Pretty sandy, we may get out ok
I am parked in an obviously bad spot down hill into a fence with one
Up hill away from gate with the other
I love a challenge
Aint no bringin me down

"Aftermath staring me rite in the face,
I'll get around to breakin even one of these days"
Drive By Truckers


BJ said...

Just picked up our tent engineering staff at the Bus Station in Big D. Time is going fast, we will $oon be on the road.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Engineering staff???
What are they building a new one in house?......HAHA
It is great where it $tarts coming in,,and not just going out...

Good Luck for the season

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