Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Young World...

Been diggin on some old Def Jam Music Group hits
Gottem on Itunes last year
Like watching my adolescent years flash on a screen in my head
This hillbilly got down to some rap way back in the day
Before it was so damn cool for a white teenager to act like he was from DA HOOD
Had no idea what it would all turn into 20 some odd years later
Slick Rick and KRS-ONE were the first philosophers I learned from
Would like to think it had a hand in shaping me growing up
Now days people will blame Rap music for everything from a stick up...
To a shooting in a school

I don't buy any of it
We are all products of our environments
And a song is gonna be a pretty small peg in the grand scheme of it all

Was pretty crummy weather yesterday
Pretty light on the crowds as well
Weather alittle better today
Not so much better on the crowds though

Approx one month from today I should be a father for the second time
Pretty excited about that
Will be super cool if this one has the same birthday as Georgia
Which is the tentative date
April 14th 2009
Mark your calendars...

"Times have changed, hey its cool to look crumby,
And be a dumb dummy, and disrespect your mommy
Have you forgotten who put you on this earth?
Brought you up proud and loved you since your birth"
Slick Rick

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